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CMI DURANGO Pressemitteilung

We are a company with many years of experience, initially founded to meet the growing demand for manufacture of machine tools in sectors aeronautic, automotive and wind energy.

We have gradually also been engaging in tailor made solutions for aerostructure suppliers.

All areas, development, design, production and service are stationed at our headquarters in Durango. 

FGB Gantry Milling Machine

The FGB Gantry Milling Machine for Aeronautical Industry, large pieces of aerostructure parts, composite panels, landing gear boxes and all kind of aerospace parts.  

All in all, the new developed hybrid machine offers numerous advantages. Due to the significant reduction in the mass of motion, the energy consumption of the machine could be significantly reduced.

For the long service life of a CMI machine, this means enormous economic savings. Furthermore, the Tool Center Point displacement can be significantly reduced due to external temperature influences.

The ratio of static stiffness to moving mass has also been optimized. This has reduced the excess width, which has a major impact on the surface quality of the machining parts.

| 12.09.2019

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